RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Cast Assessment

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 officially starts today, so I made a cast assessment to get us all excited for it before it begins (even though I’m not sure how it’s possible to be more excited for it than I already am). Without further ado, here we go!


Right off the bat, Aja looks like a queen to watch out for. She is the youngest one in this cast, which comes with its pros and its cons. The benefit of being so young is that she can really wow the judges with her creativity and her potential. However, the downside is that she may not be as polished as some of the older queens. We’ve seen a lot of young queens, such as Adore Delano, go very far in the competition. Some, like Violet Chachki, even took the crown. Aja definitely has the star-quality of those two young queens, so I’m expecting great things from her.

Overall Opinion: Yas!


Alexis Michelle sounds like a familiar name, doesn’t it? In fact, it almost sounds like a blend of Alexis Matteo and Michelle Visage. For this reason, fans may not be expecting to see anything particularly new or interesting from this queen. However, I think that she has a lot of potential. The outfit that she is wearing in this picture is gorgeous, and the camera doesn’t even do it justice. In her intro video on the Logo website, this outfit becomes even better as the diamonds sparkle in the light as she moves. Her eyebrows, which are purple, match the exact colour that the diamonds turn in the light. This is such a nice touch that unfortunately doesn’t quite come through in this picture. Overall, I think that fans are currently underestimating Alexis Michelle, and I expect to see her make it at least to the middle of the competition. Does she have what it takes to be a winner? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Overall Opinion: Yas!


Charlie Hides, a London-based drag queen, is already one of the fan favourites. She is actually the oldest queen to ever go on Drag Race at the whopping age of 52. However, in this picture, she really doesn’t look her age at all (she seems like she could practically be in her 20s). Charlie Hides reminds me of Chad Michaels, who is one of the oldest and most polished drag queens from the past seasons. Since Chad won the first season of All Stars, I don’t see why Charlie Hides can’t win Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Overall Opinion: Like her!


In my opinion, Eureka is only okay. She’ll probably make it to the middle point but then be out because she just doesn’t really stand out to me. For those people excited at the potential that a big girl could finally win Drag Race (although, as much as I love me such Violet Chachki, I think Ginger Minj should’ve taken the Season 7 crown), I’m afraid you might be disappointed. Hope she proves me wrong.

Overall Opinion: Meh.



This queen is my absolute favourite this season! I’ve been known to prioritize gorgeous queens in my winner picks (Courtney Act, Raja, and Raven are among my all-time favourites), and Farrah Moan certainly fits the bill. She is absolutely stunning and, if she manages to avoid the unfair stereotype of the body queen (which Courtney Act unfortunately had to deal with even though she had it all), it seems like she has everything it takes to win.

Overall Opinion: Projected Winner!



I believe Jaymes Mansfield will be the first one out. She has a cute look that resembles Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray, which I love. However, I just don’t think she stacks up with the rest of the competition. Her 60s-inspired look is simply too bland and her personality seems too timid for the fierce competition ahead of her.

Overall Opinion: First Out!


I have mixed feelings about Kimora Blac. She’s beautiful and has probably the most gorgeous body this season (did you see dat ass?) but she seems to be the kind of queen who will be deemed as relying too much on the body. Unlike Farrah, I’m not sure if she’ll be able to deliver anything other than body, so I don’t think she’ll make it too far.

Overall Rating: Meh.


This queen is already quite the controversial one. I’ll start with the good: she has incredibly interesting concepts and doesn’t shy away from incorporating props into her makeup, which makes her very unique. However, this is the bad: rumor has it that she has a hot temper and can’t take criticism particularly well, which is giving me flashbacks of Shangela (who’s actually somebody that she said in an interview that she identifies with). Therefore, I think she’ll probably stick around for a while due to the drama that can stir up, but I don’t think she’ll have a shot at winning.

Overall Rating: Meh.


I like Peppermint. She’s the first person to go on RuPaul’s Drag Race who, from the get-go, is openly trans. There have been several other contestants who have revealed that they were transgender either throughout their season or after their season, but having someone like Peppermint who the audience knows is trans ahead of time is monumental. She also seems like she has a great personality, but the one thing I need her to deliver on is her looks. I’m worried that her style might be too bland, but I hope that she shines through and wins that crown! Do I think she legitimately has a shot? Maybe.

Overall Rating: Like her!


Sasha Velour is another queen that I actually really like, but just like Peppermint, I doubt whether she could actually win in the end. I absolutely love her unique style, which reminds me of Ongina with her baldness and hair pieces as well as Acid Betty with her abstractness. I know I’m not supposed to compare her to the queens of the past, but I just can’t help it. The only reason I don’t think she’ll win is because the types of queens that have been similar to her only made it to the middle of the season even though they had what it takes to win.

Overall Rating: Like her!


Shea Couleé is one of those queens who I was only ok with based on this picture (I feel like she would get clocked for that makeup) but then I found out that she’s friends with people like Trixie Mattel and Kim Chi and then her makeup suddenly made a lot of sense to me. I love the tribal theme of her costume here and her personality seems fun and light, which might be needed in a season full of big personalities. I hope she makes it to final three, but I’m just not sure yet whether she could win it all.

Overall Rating: Like her!


Trinity Taylor is another queen that is at the bottom of my list of potential winners. From the trailers that I’ve seen, she seems quite arrogant, narcissistic, self-obsessed, delusional, and any other qualities that nobody wants to be thrown their way. She refers to herself as the “plastic” queen, bringing Detox to mind, but I feel like her personality is going to be entirely different. Detox is sophisticated and composed, whereas Trinity Taylor will likely be one of the main bitches of the season. However, just like Nina Bonina Brown, I think that she’ll be kept around for the drama for a while (unless she’s so hated in the first episode that the audience will practically be begging for her to be the first one out).

Opinion: Meh.


Finally, we have Valentina. As the youngest queen of the season (and the only one from LA, I believe), Valentina will likely annoy a lot of the older queens as well as the ones from New York because of the competition between the queens from those places. I think that like Nina and Trinity, she’ll actually stir up a lot of drama; however, I think that she’ll actually make it very far in the competition because her style and beauty are exquisite. She’s one of the prettiest and fishiest queens of this season, so the rest of these bitches better beware.

Overall Rating: Yas!


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