The Face Shop’s 10 Best Face Masks

Over the past year, I have grown to love The Face Shop’s face masks. They are always nice and refreshing as well as beneficial for the skin. I like to keep them in the fridge to preserve their ingredients, and typically use them after getting out of the shower and applying toner. While their skincare benefits may not be the strongest, these face masks make great stay-at-home spa treats for yourself when you’re having a stressful day. Here are my ten favourite face masks from The Face Shop.

1. Mung Bean

REAL NATURE Face Mask Mung Bean

The Real Nature Face Mask Mung Bean is my favourite face mask from The Face Shop. When I first tried it, I was a little turned off by the scent; however, the smell is very mild and I quickly got over it because of the mask’s amazing benefits. This is the only face mask in the Real Nature collection that is categorized as a “Pore” treatment. My skin is a bit on the oily side, especially in the T-zone area, and therefore this face mask is perfect for me. The mung bean in it cleanses the skin very well and helps clean out pores, removing blackheads better than any of the other Real Nature face masks. This face mask also reduces redness and pimples more than the other face masks from this collection. Due to its many benefits, especially for people with skin that is more on the oily side, I highly recommend the Mung Bean face mask from The Face Shop!

2. Kelp

REAL NATURE Face Mask Kelp

The Kelp Real Nature Face Mask is another one of my favourites. While it might seem not ideal to put seaweed on your skin, it actually has many skin benefits. This face mask is labelled, “Purifying,” and the kelp extract does exactly what it promises to do. It cleanses the skin while also hydrating it. It also helps to eliminate impurities, such as redness and pimples. I feel very refreshed after using this face mask, and it also smells great too!

3. Green Tea

REAL NATURE Face Mask Green Tea

The Green Tea Real Nature Face Mask from The Face Shop is another one of my favourites. Like the Kelp face mask, the Green Tea one also purifies the skin. Purifying face masks are especially important for people who live in big cities because, in such places, environmental stressors and pollutants constantly bombard the skin and damage it. The Green Tea mask helps to hydrate the skin and to get rid of any impurities, making it one of my favourites.

4. The Solution Pore Care Mask

THE SOLUTION Pore Care Face Mask

Another great face mask collection from The Face Shop is The Solution, which is more focused on key ingredients that each serve a unique function. For example, the most popular one, The Solution Hydrating Face Mask, features hyaluronic acid, which is an incredibly hydrating and highly popular ingredient. My personal favourite face mask from this collection is the Pore Care face mask, which contains Tannins, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that can be commonly found in tea. Tannins are great for the skin as they help reduce redness and irritation. The anti-inflammatory function also cleanses and soothes the skin in a way that is unique compared the other face masks from The Face Shop. This is my go-to face mask for bad breakouts.


5. White Tea

REAL NATURE Face Mask White Tea

The White Tea Real Nature Face Mask from The Face Shop is also great, even though I do prefer the Green Tea one. While the specialty of the Green Tea face mask is purification, the White Tea face mask focuses more on “Illuminating” the skin. This term is quite vague, leading some people to falsely believe that it whitens the skin, which is simply not true. However, what this face mask does very effectively is brighten the skin. It reduces redness and irritation and makes the skin glow, which is a nice overall effect. The main reason why I prefer the Green Tea one over the White Tea one is that I prefer the purifying effect over the illuminating effect, but both are still great!

5. Rice

REAL NATURE Face Mask Rice

The Rice Real Nature Face Mask is one of the most praised face masks from The Face Shop. The main reason why it isn’t ranked higher for me is because its main function is “Brightening,” which is not my priority when it comes to face masks. Just like the White Tea mask, the Rice one illuminates the skin by eliminating redness and other imperfections. It soothes the skin and makes it practically glow, which is especially nice for the anti-aging market.

7. Lotus

REAL NATURE Face Mask Lotus

One of the underrated aspects of The Face Shop’s Real Nature Face Mask collection is the flower-based face masks. There are many types, such as Lotus, Calendula, Lily, and Peony. The flower face masks understandably have the best scents from the entire Real Nature collection. I especially love the Lotus Real Nature Face Mask because of its “Hydrating” function. While hydrating my skin isn’t as much of a priority for me as purifying it, I still think that it is important to maintain the skin’s moisture. It gives my skin a boost of radiance, which is especially important right now, during the gloomy winter days.

8. Aloe

REAL NATURE Face Mask Aloe

The Aloe Real Nature Face Mask is another one of the great face masks from The Face Shop. Like the Lotus face mask, the Aloe one’s main function is to hydrate, quenching dry skin of its thirst. This face mask is ideal for both the winter and the summer because skin dries out from both air conditioning and outdoor heat. Even if your skin is a bit on the oily side, like mine is, this face mask is nice and refreshing. The Cucumber face mask is similar to this one, but I prefer the scent of the Aloe one more. Both are great stay-at-home spa treats.

9. Character Masks (Best: Monkey Character Mask)

Image result for character masks the face shop

I absolutely adore these types of face masks from The Face Shop – especially because they terrify people when you actually wear them. The only major downside to them is that they are hardly ever available because they sell out so quickly. I’ve only actually gotten to try three of them – the Pig, the Dog, and the Monkey. The Monkey character mask, which is my favourite, is apple-scented. This smell is unique as no regular Real Nature face mask from The Face Shop shares its scent. The closest one would be the Sparkling Apple mask, which still smells quite different. The Monkey mask is categorized as Soothing; it contains mung bean extract as well as hyaluronic acid, which means that it is both cleansing for your pores and very hydrating.

10. MasCream Sheets (Best: Intense Firming MasCream Sheet)

Intense Firming Mascream Sheet

The MasCream collection from The Face Shop is also a highly effective and strongly praised group of products. The only reason why they are not my favourite masks from The Face Shop is because of their price. They are one-time use and cost about $5 per piece, which is quite expensive compared to the Real Nature Face Masks, which are usually $2 and can often be bought for even cheaper with the Buy 10 Get 5 Free deal. Unlike the Real Nature Face Masks, which are quite thin and liquidy, the MasCream ones are much thicker and creamier. They also made my skin much smoother. While the Real Nature Face Masks are more for casual enjoyment and relaxation, I would say that the MasCream ones have real and lasting effects for people with more troubled skin. My favourite is the Intense Firming MasCream sheet, which made my skin very smooth and firm. Even though I am a bit young to need anti-aging skincare products, this product works for people of all ages.


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