Are You the One? Season 5 Episode 3 Review

After the third episode of the fifth season of MTV’s Are You the One?, my opinions about these house guests have obviously continued changed… and again, not for the better. Let’s keep this one short and to-the-point. Warning: spoilers ahead.


She was basically non-existent in this episode (besides the cute clip of her holding up the hashtag sign in front of Edward and Kam and saying “Hashtag Perfect Match”).


He wasn’t shown much in this episode either. I’m being very descriptive this time, aren’t I?


I actually thought that my initial impression of Carolina as a potential villain was wrong. However, this episode definitely proved me right. Carolina spent all episode jumping on Ozzy and completely neglecting Joey, which made her look quite stupid when she was sent to the truth booth only to discover that Ozzy wasn’t her match. Good job, girl.


Casandra, to this day, still has barely any airtime. I guess she’s just not interesting enough.


Derrick was my favourite person based on his rationality in the first episode when he argued to take the $150 000 in exchange for forgoing the Truth Booth results. Unfortunately, since then, we really haven’t seen much of him.


Edward is probably having the best story-line at this point. He hasn’t really been too prevalent so far besides the fact that he is one of the only remaining people who probably has his match figured out. If he and Kam get sent to the Truth Booth, I wouldn’t be surprised at finding out that they are a match. They could be that perfect couple who restores everyone’s faith in the producers’ matching skills.


Gianna restored her reputation as a decent person in last week’s episode, and she continued the trend into this week. She and Hayden still seem quite close even though they aren’t a match, which is alright if they both are really convinced that they’re happy together.


Last week, Hannah seemed like she would become the token female villain. However, during this week’s episode, she actually faded back into the background. What a disappointment.


Hayden, like Gianna, continues to come off as a relatively nice person compared to the rest of the housemates. Let’s see if this positive edit continues.


While Jaylan was responsible for the domino effect that led to the blackout last episode, he didn’t really do anything special in this one. With so many people barely appearing in this week’s episode, I have to wonder exactly who was the star of the show this week.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot – Joey was one of this week’s stars. While his jealousy and insults towards Carolina did not exactly make him seem like an ideal guy, he actually showed himself to have many redeeming qualities. For instance, he was actually loyal and would have stuck with Carolina even after they found out that they weren’t a match. He also stood up for Kathryn, unexpectedly winning her heart at the end of the episode.


Kam hasn’t been too prominent this season, but her relationship with Edward is fun and light-hearted. They’ll probably end up being this season’s ideal couple who take things slow and don’t enter into any drama.


Kari kept trying to get Joey’s attention, but he’s just not having it. Instead, she ends up hooking up with Tyler? Talk about random.


Kathryn continues to have a lot of airtime, making her one of the most likable house-guests and one of the staples of this season. She had a pretty dramatic episode with Carolina and Ozzy’s hook-ups right in front of her face to her kiss with Joey at the end. I’m rooting for her and hoping that she ends up finding what she’s looking for with Joey now.


Michael had a lot of potential as what appeared to be this season’s quintessential villain, but he really faded back into the background. Where are my villains, people?!


Mike hooked up with Kathryn the first night they entered the house, but since then, we as the audience really haven’t seen or heard anything from him. Another dud.


While Osvaldo seemed pretty quiet for the first two episodes, his budding romance with Tyranny is a pleasant surprise. Let’s see how that turns out (although, based on the previews for next week, his prospects are not looking too good).


Ozzy and Kathryn weren’t a match. To be honest, I called it last week. There really was nothing between them other than lust. However, this week, Ozzy simply transferred that lust to Carolina. In the process, he threw out his relationship with Kathryn, which is fine because she deserves better anyways.


After two weeks of practically nothing, Shannon has emerged as a character this season. Since Tyler’s decision to ditch Taylor, Shannon has been flirting with him and grabbing his attention as the fun girl. I actually feel kind of bad for her because she got caught in all of the Taylor-Tyler drama, but she did choose that path. She knew what she was doing, and based on the previews, it looks like she’s going to be in a lot more trouble next week.


Oh, poor Taylor. That sounded sarcastic but I can assure you that it actually wasn’t. Tyler seemed like a nice guy initially but quickly proved himself to be a grade-A douchebag. He really did disrespect her in front of everyone by ditching her without even letting her know. A simple conversation would have been less cowardly, but I guess he just couldn’t muster up the courage or tact to do so. I sincerely hope that she finds love with somebody else in the house.


Everything about Tyler this week has just been so cringe-worthy. He has really risen as the villain of this season, and it’s just really frustrating that all of these girls are letting him get away with it by continuing to hook up with him. When will it all stop? At least he’s providing the entertainment that so many others are failing to do so far this season.


Finally, the girl with the terrible name is actually coming into her own with her interest in Osvaldo. I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode because the previews make it look like there will be some nice drama between the two of them.


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