Are You the One? Season 5 Episode 2 Review

After the second episode of the fifth season of MTV’s Are You the One?, my opinions about these house guests have certainly changed. The question is whether they’ve changed for the better or for the worse. I guess you’ll have to read this blog post to find out. Warning: spoilers are up ahead.



I didn’t remember her in the first episode but she was definitely the star of the show this week. Her most memorable moment was sniffing out Andre using his pheromones (she was the only one to successfully find the guy she was interested in using her nose during this week’s challenge) and then her freak out after they found out that they weren’t a match. Although Alicia came off loyal this episode, and it was understandable that she was upset about Hannah jumping on Andre the second she got the chance, her blow-up definitely didn’t help the fact that they both need to move on and find new matches.



I said in my initial cast assessment based on the first episode that something seemed off about Andre. Last week’s previews for this week showed him yelling, and that definitely didn’t make him look good. This week’s episode confirmed for me that Andre isn’t a nice guy because he threw away his relationship with Alicia immediately after discovering that they were not a match in the Truth Booth. Hopefully he won’t ditch Hannah too now that he knows that she’s also not his match, but should we really expect anything different from him?



In my initial cast assessment of Carolina, I noted that she looks somewhat like Survivor villain, Danielle DiLorenzo, but this week’s episode showed me that, personality-wise, she is nowhere near a villain. She actually seems to have developed genuine feelings for Joey and felt quite a bit of jealousy when he found out that he was going on a date with Kari. The good thing for her is that Joey was actually very loyal to her and rejected Kari’s advances during their date. Hopefully he won’t disappoint her and ditch her just like Andre did with Alicia now that they found out that they’re not a match too.



Casandra had a positive episode this week when she connected with Mike by the poolside. They seem to have a nice drama-free start to their romance, but Mike seems like a player (considering the fact that he slept with Kathryn in the first episode) and they’re now a confirmed No Match so I doubt they will last.



Derrick was my favourite person based on last week’s episode because he was the only one who was strongly in favour of forgoing the results of the Truth Booth for $150 000. However, this week, he was far from memorable, which can’t be a good thing. I guess that means that he’s staying out of drama, but that doesn’t make for good TV now does it?



Edward initially came off as a calm, down-to-earth guy and this episode confirmed that for me. He’s having a nice time getting to know Kam, they’re taking things slow, and they have a good playful banter going. He might still be Kam’s match so hopefully that’ll end well for both of them.



For someone who got almost all of the air-time in the first episode, Gianna definitely laid low this week. She apologized to Hayden and stayed away from Michael, who was pretty rude to her last episode. Overall, she actually displayed some maturity this week and somewhat redeemed herself. We’ll see how long that lasts.



Hannah wasn’t too prominent in the first episode besides her immediate rejection of Osvaldo purely based on appearance. However, in the second episode, she really started to become the centre of some brewing drama. She stepped in and took over Andre’s heart (or should I say pants) right after Andre and Alicia were confirmed to be a No Match. At least she told Alicia she was going to go for her man before she actually did. That didn’t stop the drama from happening though. Her straightforwardness and speed with the matter seemed to make it worse, actually, and she was not Andre’s match after all that trouble too.



Hayden, like Gianna, had a lot of air-time in the first episode but kind of faded into the background in this episode. He still has feelings for Gianna and accepted her apology with open arms. In his confessional, he referred to them as friends who still have some attraction towards each other so perhaps this is foreshadowing some future drama that will once again occur between the two of them. He seems like one of the only genuinely caring and nice guys in the house, but his Taylor pick seemed to ruffle some feathers during the Match-up Ceremony.



Similarly to the first episode, the second episode didn’t really feature much of Jaylan besides his completely random pick of Kam (Jaylan, where’s your loyalty to your bro, Eddie?). The only memorable thing about him was his wonky choice during the Match-up Ceremony that led to the domino effect that caused the earliest Blackout in Are You the One? history. Maybe he just hasn’t hit it off with any of the ladies yet, but he really shouldn’t have thrown that curve ball to the rest of the cast mates. Not cool, man.



Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit that I was really harsh on Joey in the first episode. I judged him based on his looks and called him a sleaze-ball, but he actually demonstrated that he can be quite a loyal guy in this episode. When his love interest, Carolina, was upset that he was picked to go on a date with Kari, he could have dropped her because of her insecurity and jealousy. However, he stuck by Carolina and rejected Kari’s advances during their date, showing us that he might actually not be the sleaze-ball that I initially thought he would be. I really hope, for Carolina’s sake, that he doesn’t change his mind and hop on the Kari train in the next episode.



Kam wasn’t shown much in the first episode, but she had a nice clip in the second one with Edward. Their relationship seems fun and light, so hopefully it’ll stay that way. They really should have picked each other for the Match-up ceremony and would have if Jaylan hadn’t chosen her first instead.



Kari wasn’t too prominent in the first episode, but she had a much bigger role to play in this one. She was the one who matched up with Joey during the pheromone (sniffing the guys) challenge and actually seemed to have a genuine interest in him. However, during their date, Joey firmly stated that his heart was with Carolina (good for him!). That left Kari frustrated, and she warned Joey that this experience is really about getting to know as many people as possible to find the perfect match, which is true. We’ll see whether Joey will cave in at some point and take her up on her offer of getting to know each other better.



Kathryn had a lot of air-time in the first episode, from sleeping with Mike to her budding romance with Ozzy, but she wasn’t as prominent in the second episode. Even though her attraction for Ozzy keeps growing, she sniffed out the wrong guy during the challenge and ended up finding out during the Match-up Ceremony that Ozzy wasn’t her match after all. There’s a lot of lust going on between her and Ozzy that is masquerading as love, and I don’t think that they will last now that they know that they aren’t a Perfect Match.



Based on the first episode, Michael is clearly the rude, unstable douche this season. However, he really didn’t do much in the second episode because Gianna decided to stay away from him after he lashed out at her last week for no reason. I hated him last week and forgot about him this week, but why do I have a feeling that I’m going to both hate and remember him in the upcoming weeks of this show?



Mike was the drunk guy who randomly slept with Kathryn in the first episode. However, this week, he is the guy who is beginning to steal Casandra’s heart. I’m not actually sure how he did it because he seemed quite sleazy when they were talking by the pool side. It seemed to work on her though, but thankfully she isn’t his Perfect Match. Shrug.



In the first episode and the season’s previous, Osvaldo seemed to be a pretty significant character. However, in this week’s episode, he was practically non-existent. Perhaps he’s just one of the people who hasn’t gotten out of his shell yet. I look forward to seeing what happens with him in the upcoming episodes.



Ozzy and Kathryn sitting in a tree. Honestly, that’s all there is to say about him this week. He seems to be very infatuated with Kathryn, but I’m not convinced that there is anything more between them than just lust especially now that they’re a confirmed No Match. We shall see how it all turns out.



We didn’t see much of Shannon in the first episode, and this week, she had a whopping total of… one confessional. Yeah, that’s not really enough for me to form a proper opinion of her. I guess I’ll have to keep waiting.



Taylor was one of my favourites from the first episode because of her ability to see right through Michael’s douchy demeanor. My first impression of her seems to have been correct as she separated herself from the hardcore partying with Tyler. They actually appeared to be forming a nice bond that is based on their mutual distaste for sleaziness. However, Tyler gave her a lot to worry about with his comments during the Match-up Ceremony. Stay away from that guy, Taylor. You deserve better!



I immediately clocked Tyler as one of the most attractive guys from the cast. Even though he didn’t have much of a presence in the first episode, he had a much stronger one in this week’s episode. Tyler and Taylor are both similar in that they reject the party lifestyle, and I was really excited about this pairing… until the Match-up Ceremony. Tyler’s comment about actually thanking Hayden for freeing him from a girl was really cringe-worthy. Andre tried to back Tyler up and explain what he really meant but that just ended up making both of them look bad. Taylor needs to run as fast as she can.



Finally, Tyranny (the girl with the worst name I’ve ever seen) really hasn’t shown us much in the second episode. This isn’t really a change from the first episode. The only thing we got this week from her is her confessional in which she says that people better not mess up her chances of winning the money (which they did). I don’t see her trying to make connections though, so she better stop complaining and step it up!


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