Are You the One? Season 5 Cast Assessment

Here is my cast assessment of MTV’s Are You the One? Season 5 based on what I saw in the first episode of the season that just aired on January 11th. So far, am I impressed? Nah, I liked last season’s cast better.



To be honest, I don’t really remember her. I think she was one of the girls who had the guys’ interest but personality-wise, she didn’t really stand out to me.



This guy seems alright, but the big blow-up that was revealed in next week’s previews make him not so appealing. He has nice eyes though.



This girl really reminds me of Danielle DiLorenzo from Survivor Panama and Heroes vs. Villains but looks like she’s not as mean.



Casandra is really pretty and seems like an upbeat party girl who will easily connect with a guy (or two) in the house.



Derrick is probably my favourite cast member so far after the first episode. He was the main person who was against the Truth Booth and in favour of taking the $150 000 instead. Since it statistically makes almost no sense to choose the Truth Booth over the money in the first episode, he has proven himself to be an intelligent guy. Don’t do anything stupid and make me regret saying that, Derrick. Why do I have a feeling he will?



Edward seems like a pretty down-to-earth guy, and I enjoy his Diary Room sessions with Derrick and Jaylan.



Gianna probably had the most air-time out of everybody in the first episode. Unfortunately, she did nothing to impress me with all that air-time. She could’ve had a nice thing going with Hayden but she proceeded to reject him for wearing camo pants (I mean, nobody likes a guy who wears camouflage-print clothing but really?). She then made out with the biggest jerk in the house, Michael. I have a feeling she will be the centre of a lot of drama and not in a good way.



The first episode for Hannah was pretty mediocre, and she kind of came off cold and judgemental. When she was selected for the first date with Osvaldo, she immediately insulted him by saying that he is not the kind of guy that she normally goes for looks-wise. At least she’s being honest though.



Hayden actually had a great first episode as Gianna’s initial love interest. He was immediately smitten with her and acted like a gentleman when the Truth Booth revealed that they weren’t a match. Gianna, however, did not give him the same amount of consideration. He might just be the quintessential nice guy this season, and I think the show needs a lot more of that (but it would probably be pretty boring then I guess).



I really don’t remember much of Jaylan from the first episode aside from the cute Diary Room sessions with Derrick and Edward. He seems alright though. We’ll see what happens as the show goes on.



Joey is just… ew. He just screams sleaze-ball and he’s not even anywhere near good-looking enough to be one. He somehow managed to charm Carolina during their first date, which I completely don’t understand. I have a feeling he’s just going to get more and more gross as the show progresses.



Kam wasn’t featured much this episode so I don’t really remember anything about her. Hopefully we’ll see more of her in the future.



Kari is another girl who I really don’t remember much of because she was barely shown in the first episode. Maybe I should’ve waited until week two to do this cast review.



Kathryn was a pretty prominent player in this episode (pun intended). She had a good thing going with Ozzy—one of the best-looking guys in the house—but threw that all away (or so it seemed) for a one night stand with I don’t even remember who (Mike?). She seems to have learned from her mistake though and Ozzy was surprisingly not very judgemental so she still appears to have a shot with him. She also kind of looks like a watered-down version of the gorgeous Australian drag queen, Courtney Act, and no this doesn’t mean that she looks like a man (but rather that Courtney looks a lot like a woman).



So Michael is the unstable douchebag of the season. It’s completely obvious. I’m definitely going to hate him. Scratch that—I hate him already.



I can’t seem to remember if Mike was that drunk guy that Kathryn had a one night stand with the first night that they were in the house. Whether he is or he isn’t, my feelings about him are… whatever.



Osvaldo may not be the fittest or the best-looking guy in the house, but he seems like a sweet heart. I felt bad for him when Hannah ripped him apart immediately in the looks department. The season previews also showed him pretty upset about a girl while he was punching things with boxing gloves on. I’m not sure if that was overdramatized for suspense but we’ll see if he remains a nice guy or becomes one of the villains.



Ozzy is probably one of the most attractive men in this cast, but he also comes off like a complete player. While he did avoid being judgemental when Kathryn hooked up another guy on the first night they were in the house, Ozzy’s justification for his understanding was that he himself has done a lot of stupid things in the past too. Also, his cool, calm, and collected attitude may wear off after he spends a substantial amount of time in the house.



Shannon is one of those girls who seems like she has a good personality, but we really did not get to see enough of her in the first episode to be able to form a proper opinion of her.



Taylor is one of the prettiest girls in the house and impressed me in the first episode with her ability to spot a douche immediately. When Michael attempted to serenade her with a bunch of shallow compliments about her appearance, she instantly called him out for being a fake. I have a feeling we’ll see great things from her this season.



Tyler is the other really attractive guy from this cast. I don’t think we saw enough of him either to really pinpoint how he’ll be this season, but hopefully he’ll become a key character.



My first though was, “Why the hell would anybody name their child ‘Tyranny’?” I mean, seriously—that is the worst name I’ve ever heard in my life. There is literally nothing positive about a tyrant. She actually seems nice though so I really hope that she proves us that her parents were wrong when they named her.


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